"The only way to do GREAT work is to LOVE what you do."
- Steve Jobs



Jennifer M Koskinen, Photographer
Merritt Design Photo
Denver | Colorado
cell: 970 708 2065



First of all, I LOVE my clients. Seriously.

So much!

When you are my client, I want to make you FEEL.... feel EMPOWERED.... feel VALUED. I want you to experience through a photo shoot how positively LUMINOUS you are.

My goal with every session is to create an experience for you, which results in ART; to create photographs that become powerful, visual stories to remind you daily of the love and of the immaterial gifts with which our lives have been blessed.

These are the stories I am inspired to tell with my work.

Stories that spark gratitude...

GRATITUDE that ignites JOY.

THIS is why I LOVE what I do, and this is WHY I want to work with YOU.


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SOME CLIENT FEEDBACK + LOVE for Jennifer + Merritt Design Photo

“Oh wow! Cried like a baby! My brother too -- they both say they are the MOST INCREDIBLE and beautiful pictures. My mom keeps talking about how artistic and talented you are. They CANNOT get over these! THANK YOU!!!” - Lisa W, senior portrait client's mother

"If you have ANYONE special in your life, you need to have a family photo session done with Jennifer... She exudes such love for her craft and her subjects; she got real smiles out of us because she made us feel great. She's one of the kindest, most ethical humans I have ever met. Just ONE of the photos we got is worth the price of the whole thing. If I lived in Denver, I'd do this every year. Contact her! You will be DELIGHTED." - Stephanie Cozart, family session client

“Thank you, Jennifer, for the incredible work you did with [our daughter] on Sunday.  Your passion for photography and your respect for your "subject" is undeniable.” - Marylin W., senior portrait client's mother

“Jennifer, these are fabulous photos!  The colors... depth of field... the moments you've captured.  I'm blown away.  You have a real gift” - Kent M

“Still glowing with pleasure at the great shots Jennifer took for my new business. Grateful that she did such a great job so quickly and painlessly for me.” - Robbie B., professional head shot client

“It was an absolute pleasure having you as our photographer!! Thank you. You are amazing.” Brooke at Waterworks, Denver Showroom

“We spent a fun filled afternoon Sunday with Jennifer doing our family portrait in the beautiful leaves! Had so much fun and laughed so hard!! We love you Jen!!!!” - Jodi A, Family session client

“Thanks for being totally amazing!! You truly are a gem to work with!! I've told so many people about you and EVERYONE loves your work! Thanks again for your hard work and being a creative partner with my culinary vision and passion!” - Lucy Warenski, Green Gourmet Cooking

“I love your work - not only your photography but the whole "look" of how you present yourself in your proposals and everything you "touch."” - Susan Hennessy, Opera Colorado


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